2020 PW Dive Team Season News

Unfortunately, the Potomac Woods Dive Team 2020 summer season has been canceled because of the pandemic. Please see below for a letter that was sent on May 21 by the Montgomery County Dive League.
To All Members of the Montgomery County Dive League Community:
The MCDL Board of Directors regrets to inform you that we have decided to cancel the 2020 dive season. This decision was made based on the feedback from the survey completed by the dive reps, as well as the recent announcements from the Governor and Montgomery County Executive concerning the status of the pandemic and the impact on our community. While we value the benefits of our summer dive league, it’s clear to us that given the health risks, general uncertainty and widespread apprehension it is not appropriate for us to entertain, having what would in the best case be a shortened season.
This is a difficult time for all of us, and particularly for the Seniors who were looking forward to their last summer dive season. One of our hopes for the 2021 season is to work with the teams to provide a diving opportunity for 19-year-olds who wish to compete; most likely in a new event, specifically for that age group. Details will be worked out over the next several months with input from the team reps.
As for this summer – if there are teams who plan to practice and wish to engage in privately arranged competitions with other teams, we wish you well but need to reiterate that any practices, meets or other competitions held by MCDL members this summer will not be held under the auspices of the League.
You have our assurance that we’ll work hard, together with all of you, to ensure that we stay together as a community of families, divers, and community pools, and that we’ll all gratefully welcome the start of the 2021 season a year from now. Please direct any questions or concerns to: board@mcdiving.org
Lelia True, President
Montgomery County Dive League