Pool Rules & Regulations

The pool manager is in charge of the pool at all times and is responsible for maintenance of order, cleanliness and safety on the pool property. The pool manager is also responsible for supervising all phases of pool operation and for enforcement of the Rules and Regulations established by the Board of Directors. The pool manager may, if necessary, suspend from pool privileges anyone whom the pool manager finds willfully violating these Rules and Regulations.


1. Entry: To enter the Club, ALL MEMBERS MUST CHECK-IN at the front desk and have their membership verified by the pool staff before entering the Club.

2. Children: Children who have not reached their eighth birthday must be accompanied by an adult except during swim team practice. Children from eight to twelve years of age must be accompanied by an adult until they successfully pass the Tadpole Swim Test. For purposes of these rules, an adult is defined as someone sixteen years of age or older.

3. Guests: All guests entering the Club must be accompanied by a member. The member must sign, at the front desk, the names of all swimming and non-swimming guests under the member’s name. There will be a charge of $5 per guest. Guest credits can be pre-paid and credited to a members account. There will be no charge for guests who are non-swimming senior citizens or for babies under one year of age. The member accompanying the guest must assume responsibility for the guest’s actions.


4. Telephone: The office telephone may be used only to deliver messages of an EMERGENCY nature to a person at the pool. The Office emergency number is 301-762-7068.

5. Diapers: No child wearing diapers, and all children of any age who are not toilet trained will be allowed in the Main Pool unless a diaper is worn which is covered by tight fitting rubber pants, in accordance to Montgomery County Health Department regulations. In the Kiddie Pool and on the deck of the Kiddie Pool, all children in diapers must wear waterproof pants with tightly fitting legs.

6. Tadpole Swim Test: To swim beyond the shallow roped-off area of the Main Pool, children under twelve years of age must be members of the Swim Team, or pass the Tadpole Swim Test administered by a guard. The test consists of swimming the width of the diving well twice, resting one (1) minute, and then treading water for one (1) minute. Upon passing the test, the guard and parent must initial the member’s card at the front desk to permit the child to swim beyond the shallow roped-off area of the Main Pool. Non-swimmers or weak swimmers must remain in shallow water of the roped-off area no deeper than their armpits; under no circumstances are they permitted in deeper water.

7. Attire: Bathers must be properly attired. No street clothes may be used as swim suits. No hard sole shoes shall be worn on the pool deck.

8. Shower: All bathers must shower before entering the pool. Tennis players must again shower before reentering the pool. All persons entering the pool area from the grass area must use the foot showers.

9. Disability, Disease, or Infection. Before entering the water, a person having a disability which is not normally apparent, e.g., epilepsy, must inform the pool manager or guard on duty of the disability. Anyone with a communicable disease or with apparent signs of an infection or other evidence of a highly contaminable rash may not enter the pool.

10. The Kiddie Pool shall be limited to those children five years of age or younger. No lifeguard will be provided. Each child using the Kiddie Pool must be under the care of a responsible parent or adult who is within the fenced area of the Kiddie Pool at all times.

11. Running, pushing, wrestling, dunking, abusive or profane language or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool will not be tolerated and can be cause for suspension.

12. No intoxicants allowed on Club property (except as authorized by the Board of Directors for parties of adults 25 years old or older).

13. No glass containers of any kind are allowed on Club property at any time.

14. No pets are allowed in the pool area.

15. No general swimming in the diving well while the board or slide is in use. Diving Board & Slide: The following is not permitted: diving or jumping toward the side of the pool, more than one person on the board or ladder at a time, running on the board, swimming under the board or slide while it is used for diving, and extended dives for a distance toward the shallow end. Wait until the previous diver swims to the exit ladder before diving, jumping or sliding.

16. No person shall use the pool unless it is officially open and guards are on duty.

17. All injuries occurring on the premises must be reported immediately.

18. No smoking on swim club property.

19. Lifeguard chairs, including the front desk, are OFF LIMITS to all persons but the guards. No sitting on the front desk by anybody.

20. All swimmers must leave the pool during electrical storms.

21. The cost of any damage to pool or property will be charged to the responsible person.

22. Refreshments will be consumed in the prescribed areas only. No food, beverages or gum chewing is allowed on the pool deck beyond the painted line on the pool deck. Please use the recycle bin as designated.

23. During full time operation, at least one lane will be set aside for those desiring to swim laps.

24. From a quarter of the hour to the hour, all persons under the age of sixteen will leave the pool for a rest period.

25. Prolonged underwater swimming is prohibited.

26. Chairs: No chairs are permitted within ten (10) feet in front of the steps leading to the shallow roped-off area of the Main Pool. All chairs must be set back at least five (5) feet from the side of the Main Pool. Lounge chairs are permitted in the grass area and on the pool deck, except for the portion of the deck which, when viewed from the Club house, is to the right of the Main Pool.

27. No balls or ball-playing will be allowed in the pool area unless permitted by the pool manager when the pool is not crowded. No inner tubes, rafts or float (except arm float) devices are permitted.


28. All parties must be scheduled through and approved by the President or other person designated by the President. A form to schedule a party is available from the pool manager. A non-refundable $30.00 reservation fee and $5/person non-member guest feet must be paid in advance for parties held during pool hours. No additional charge is required if the pool manager concludes no damages occurred and no post-party clean-up by the guards was necessary. A member may schedule a party to run or begin after pool hours. A $50.00 fee plus the costs for guards must be paid in advance for a party running or beginning after pool hours. All persons attending an approved party after pool hours must be at least 25 years old. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless prior permission is given by the President in consultation with the Board of Directors.


(Also, refer to specific Tennis Rules and Regulations)

29. No black-soled shoes are allowed on the tennis courts.

30. Other rules as necessary may be announced upon the approval of the Board of Directors. New rules will be published in future Newsletters and posted on bulletin boards at the pool. Last revised: May 2009Potomac Woods Swim Club Tennis Rules and Regulations


1. Courts: The tennis courts are for the exclusive use of members and their invited guests. Access to the courts during pool operating hours is through the front gate. During non-pool hours and during the off-season, access is available through the outside gate past the swimming pool pump house.

2. Keys: Tennis courts which provide Court access during non-pool hours are available to members upon paying a small deposit. Keys are available from the Club Treasurer at $5.00 each. When you return the key, the deposit is refunded to you.

3. Attire: Standard tennis attire. Only regulation tennis shoes are permitted. Players who wish to use the pool after tennis should shower and change into a swimsuit prior to entering the pool.

4. Juniors: Juniors are defined as members age 15 & under. Juniors are required to give way to waiting adults at 5:00 pm on weekdays and on all holidays and weekends. A junior playing with an adult has the same rights as an adult. Adult members are expected to exercise courtesy in asking juniors to give up a court, to include permitting the juniors to finish their game, or ten minutes, whichever occurs first.

5. Guests: During pool hours the entrance of tennis guests is handled in the same manner as swimming guests – by guest cards. Guests must be accompanied by sponsoring adult member.

6. Courtesy: The following guidelines are recommended to ensure consideration off others on the courts:

a. Wait for the conclusion of a point before entering the courts and always close the gate to avoid any potential injury to a player. Players scheduled to play on Court #1 should enter the court by the side gate to minimize disruption on Courts #2 & #3.

b. Ask players on the other court to retrieve your ball after their point is concluded.

c. Trash, to include tops to tennis cans and paper cups, should be discarded in the trash receptacles.

d. Chairs, bicycles and other non-tennis equipment are not permitted on the courts.

e. Access to the basketball court is not permitted via the tennis courts.

f. Only players are permitted on the courts all others must remain outside the courts.

7. Lessons: Court #1 (the court closest to the side entrance to the courts) is designated as the teaching court for the Club Pro. No one is permitted to provide paid tennis lessons except the club pro. Please refer to the separate sheet which outlines the guidelines for the use of Court #1 as a teaching court.

8. Alcohol: Alcohol and any other intoxicants are prohibited on Club property, except as authorized by the Board of Directors.


The following tennis court sign-up procedures are in force during the Potomac Woods Swim & Tennis Club open season, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day:

1. All players are required to sign-up on the designated sign-up sheet and note the time they enter the court. If the courts are occupied, you should enter your name on the next available line on the sign-up sheet to establish your place in line for the next available court.

2. If the players scheduled to play are not available at the time the next appropriate court becomes available (a ten minute grace period based on the clock by the pool manager’s office, if it is available), the next group of players may take the available court and begin play.

3. Players who enter the court without signing up, to include failure to note what time they began play, will be considered to have been playing for 30 minutes for singles and 60 minutes for doubles.

4. A player may not sign up for another court while playing in another game. In this situation, the player must conclude play and then place his/her name on the sign-up sheet for another game.

5. When a player’s time is up, and another group is waiting to enter the court, the players are required to give up the court upon completion of the next point, unless the waiting layers elect to give them additional time.

6. Type of play a. Singles: Play is limited to one hour when others are waiting. b. Doubles: Play is limited to two consecutive hours when others are waiting.

7. Advance Reservations Only Courts #2 & #3 may be signed up in advance as follows:

a. The sign-up sheets are posted a week in advance and will be available on Friday morning of each week to reserve time for the period beginning Monday-Sunday of the following week.

b. Singles: Two separate hours may be reserved on two separate days, Monday-Friday. An additional hour may be reserved on the weekend. On weekdays which encompass a Federal holiday, two one hour periods may be reserved on two separate days during the holiday weekend.

c. Doubles Two consecutive hours on two separate days may be reserved for doubles Monday-Friday. An additional two consecutive hours on two separate days may also be reserved during the holiday weekend.

8. A least one of the players using a tennis court must be a member.