General Rules

1. Potomac Woods Swim and Tennis Club (PWSC) will not assume any responsibility for injuries or damage resulting from failure by members, guests or others to abide by pool rules.

2. Violations of the pool rules may lead to the loss of PWSC privileges.

3. PWSC may occasionally take photographs of the pool grounds and its members for purposes of marketing and promotion, or for use on its website or in its publicity materials. By entering PWSC, you grant permission to use your likeness and your family member’s likeness in photograph, video and any other digital media.

4. Individual members shall not take cell phone photographs of any other members or pool guests without such individual’s knowledge and consent, except at swim meets or other special events.

5. Members and their guests must check in at the front desk before entering the pool grounds.

6. Members are responsible for and must accompany their guests at all times.

7. The cost of any damage to the pool or property will be charged to the responsible person, including damage by a member’s guest.

8. PWSC is not responsible for personal property left on pool grounds.

9. Smoking is not permitted on pool grounds.

10. Food, beverages and other refreshments shall be consumed in the prescribed areas only. Trash shall be disposed of in the designated garbage and recycling bins.

11. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on pool grounds, except as authorized by the Board of Directors for special events.

12. Glass containers are not permitted on pool grounds at any time.

13. Pets are not permitted on pool grounds.

14. Children 11 and under must be under the supervision of a parent or authorized caregiver aged 14 or older at all times while on pool grounds.

15. No person shall enter the pool grounds without the express permission of the PWSC Board or Pool Manager except during normal operating hours.