Membership Renewal

Dear Potomac Woods Swim Club (PWSC) Member:
We’re off to a delayed start for our membership renewal season, but
we’re excited to kick off the 2019 PWSC season.
As we have been doing for the past 2 years, we are using an online
payment method.  Regardless of payment choice (Credit, Debit, or Check),
annual dues is the SAME…$730.  Also, we are pleased to note that the
$730 fee is the SAME price as the 2018 season!
Please follow the steps below to do your annual dues renewal for Summer
1. Access the PWSC website:
2. Login to your PWSC account. [FYI: username is the email address of
primary account user]
If you forgot your username/password, select the “Forgot your username
or password. Click here” option below the blue Submit button. An
automated message will be sent to your email.
3. Your account information will display. At the TOP of your account in
the red banner, a message displays:
“Your account is not paid for the current season. To make a payment,
click here”. Click on the link to access the “Make Payment” screen.
4. Follow the instructions on the secure online “Make Payment” screen.
Important Notes:
– If you submit payment later than Tuesday, April 30th, a late fee of
$75 will be applied.
– If resigning, send an email to the following email address and enter
RESIGNATION in subject line:
– If going inactive for Summer 2019, send an email to the following
email address and enter INACTIVE in subject line:
We’re looking forward to a GREAT season at PWSC!