The Potomac Woods Swim and Tennis Club (PWSC) is a community non-profit club, limited to the exclusive use of its members and their guests. There are no geographical boundaries for membership.

Full members of the club are granted access to the grounds and pool upon payment of refundable bond, annual dues and assessments, and are given full voting rights for the PWSC Board of Directors elections, the annual budget and other matters of pool business as they arise.

PWSC has two types of memberships: full (bonded) or summer (temporary) memberships.

Full (Bonded) Membership

Full (bonded) membership requires the following:
 Purchase of a $600 membership bond that is refundable after resignation when the membership bond is sold to a new member.
 Payment of annual summer dues. Annual summer dues for 2020 season are $730.
 Payment of one-time building assessment that is non-refundable of $150.
 Full payment of bond, annual dues and building assessment is due upon acceptance of an offer of membership.

Summer (Temporary) Membership

Summer (temporary) membership requires the following:
 Available when a full bonded member opts to be inactive for a season.
 Summer (Temporary) dues for 2020 season are $900.
 Does not require purchasing a membership bond.
 Can participate in swim, dive and tennis teams.
 Does not have voting rights.
 Effective for one season.
 This type of membership appeals to people who may be living in the area for only a year and who do not want to commit to a full (bonded) membership or they want to try out the club for a season.