• Summer (Temporary) Membership

  • Summer (temporary) membership applies to one season and costs $1,100.
    I warrant and declare that the information provided is true and correct and that the Corporation may rely thereon in acting upon this application. I understand that if this application results in summer (temporary) membership, the club's facilities will be available as prescribed in the By-Laws and Pool Rules. I understand that the members of the family unit (as defined in the By-Laws) listed herein will have the privilege of bringing personal guests to the pool on the same basis as other members of the Corporation, that the same guest fees will apply and the bringing of guests to the pool will be governed by the pool regulations of the Corporation. I agree to comply with the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws and other regulations established by the Board of Directors. It is understood that all information provided herein will be held personal and confidential and will be used only in the conducting of the Corporation's business. Potomac Woods Swim and Tennis Club uses pictures of its members on its website, social media and print materials at times to portray events and foster a sense of community. Permission is hereby granted to Potomac Woods Swim and Tennis Club to use photographs, video and quotations of its members to assist in building a sense of community.

    Summer (temporary) member of Potomac Woods Swim Club
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