Potomac Woods Swim Club – Pre-Team and Group Lessons Announcement


Calling all future Demon Swimmers or those interested in learning to swim…

Please come for evaluations on June 2nd at 6:30 pm.  If you would rather simply do group lessons, that is fine, you do not need to come to evaluations.  More info on group lessons will be sent out after the Pre-Team evaluations.

Jon Leong will be available for questions regarding pre-team and group lessons after evaluations for as long as you need him on Monday June 2nd.  If you are unable to attend Monday, please come on Tuesday 6:30.  If you are unable to make either day, please contact Jon Leong atJonathan_H_Leong@mcpsmd.org or Headcoach@potomacwoodsswimteam.org .

Information regarding Pre-Team and Group Lessons are as follows:


Pre-teamers are our beginning Demons!  This is not necessarily a “learn to swim” program, but rather a program that can begin teaching swimming technique and profficiency.  The typical age range is 6 years old, but it is not a set in stone age.  Some kids have the ability at 5, some might not have it until 7, we will let you know what is best for your swimmer.  We will be holding Pre-team swimming evaluations to ensure appropriate placement of your swimmer.  If you are 8 or younger, can float and put your face in the water, please join us for pre-team evaluations June 2nd at 6:30 pm.  Pre-teamers must, at a minimum, be able to swim a combined stroke (kicking while moving their arms) for 12.5 meters (half lap), submerge (put their face in the water comfortably) for 5 – 10 seconds, and do a front float. Pre-teamers practice separately from the Regular Team.

The goal of our pre-team is to teach the basic skills and start the swimmers towards competitive swimming. We would like our pre-teamers to be able to swim a proficient form of freestyle, learn the elements and be capable of doing backstroke, and being able to do two laps in a row.  This way, the jump to swim team will be much easier and once you join swim team, you can acquire new skills rather than re-learning skills already covered in pre-team.

Group Lessons

We will be offering group lessons with the goal of beginning instruction (teaching the elements of freestyle and floating) The typical age range is from 4-6.  Lessons will be most successful when children are comfortable with the water(placing their faces in the water comfortably).  Those swimmers that cannot place their face in the water comfortably would have their needs best fit by private individual lessons.  See Jon or the “Lesson Board” for more information.

The main objective of group lessons are to teach proper body position (floating), self-propelling (kicking and arm use) and how to breathe efficiently while swimming.  The end goal of group lessons is to have swimmers be able to swim on their own in water they are unable to stand in for a quarter to half a lap.  We are trying to make the end of group lessons match up with the beginning of pre-team so the next logical step, if you choose to continue with swimming, would be to do pre-team or pre-team like program over the winter.

Group lessons will begin once school is over and we will have a morning and afternoon option.  It will be one session which will last into the middle of July.  Times and specific dates will be posted by June 6th.  Ideal group sizes will be 3-5 swimmers per instructor.  All instructors will be part of the PW coaching staff or have some previous coaching experience.


Again if you have any questions, or need help deciding what to do, please contact Jon Leong atJonathan_H_Leong@mcpsmd.org or Headcoach@potomacwoodsswimteam.org .


Thank you, I look forward to seeing you on deck.


Jon Leong