PWSC – Pre-Team & Group Lesson Evaluations

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Potomac Woods Swim Team
Pre-Team and Group Lesson Evaluations
We look forward to seeing your children at evaluations on Monday and Tuesday. Below is an overview of the qualifications for Pre-Team and group lessons. All children will swim with a coach in 4-5 feet of water and will be placed in a group according to their ability.


– Able to swim or attempt freestyle, moving in a forward progression with arm movement and kicking
– Comfortable in deep water
– Shows pattern breathing/attempts pattern breathing
– Able to float on stomach and back and put face underwater independently

Group Lessons Level I (Beginning Swimmers)
– Not yet able to put face underwater
– Not yet able to float
– Can comfortably be alone in water close to chest deep


Group Lessons Level II
– Comfortable in the water above their chest level
– Able to float for a brief time
– Able to put face underwater
– Not yet able to move in a forward progression with arms out of the water or legs in a kicking pattern
– Not yet able to breathe to the side
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