Update on Reopening Efforts

Dear PWSC Members:

As we eagerly await guidance from Montgomery County as to when we will be able to reopen our pool, which we expect any day now, we want to share some updates on what we have done to ensure the pool is ready when that time comes.

First, the resurfacing and coating of the pool floor, delayed by the health crisis, is now complete, and we expect the pool to be filled and ready by the end of this week.  The ongoing repair and refurbishment work on the poolhouse and bathrooms is also nearly finished, and new signage was installed along Dunster Road and above our portico entrance. It has been a busy Spring and we cannot wait to welcome you back.

Members of our Board have also been working to develop guidelines to keep us safe when we are permitted to open, as well as to ensure that as many of our members as possible are given the opportunity to use the pool, considering expected capacity restrictions.  While more details will be provided when the guidelines are finalized, here are some of the key points we wanted you to know:

  • Reservations. Because the County will be limiting our total capacity, we will be implementing a reservations system where members can sign up online for time slots on a weekly basis.  Members will be permitted to sign up for a certain number of reservations per week, with the hope that this number can be increased as the summer goes on and restrictions are eased.  After each time slot, the pool will be closed for some period of time (expected to be 30 minutes) to allow for proper cleaning before the next group of members are admitted.
  •  Expanded Hours.  To maximize the number of time slots available, and thereby accommodate as many of our members as possible, we are working with our pool management company to expand our available hours and open earlier in the morning.
  •  Furniture.  To minimize risk of surface contamination, and to reduce the burdens on our lifeguard staff, we will be providing limited furniture, such as tables and chairs. Each family will be welcome (and encouraged) to bring their own chairs, blankets, and coolers.
  • Social Distancing. To encourage social distancing, we will be marking off areas of our pool deck and the grassy areas for people to set up their chairs and blankets at proper distances from one another.
  • Restricted Facilities. While we expect our tennis courts to remain open, other pool facilities such as the snack bar, grills, ping pong tables and foosball table will not be available. While the baby pool is likely to remain closed for the summer, per County restrictions, we are assessing whether we can open the diving board or the slide, at least on a limited basis.
  • Prorated Dues.  While this will be a shortened summer, we expect to have some increased expenses due to expanded hours and increased staffing needs.  Nevertheless, provided we are able to open by early July, we are pleased to offer prorated dues for 2020 of $550.  For summer members, dues will be $675.00.

We know this will not be like the summers we have all grown accustomed to.  But we ask for your patience and understanding as we work to keep everyone safe, and make our pool available to as many of our members as possible.  We also ask that, if you have not already renewed for the coming season, you do so as soon as possible, or notify us of your intention to go inactive. Depending on what your status is, you can choose any of the following options:

  • Already Renewed at Full Dues.  You do not have to do anything. You will be refunded the difference between the full dues and the prorated dues.  If, however, any of you would like to donate the difference to the pool to help offset our expenses for this year, please just respond to this email and let us know. We would be grateful for your generosity and commitment to our pool.
  • Paid the $150.00 Minimum Dues.  If you decide to renew, you need only pay the additional $400.00 to renew for 2020.  If you decide not to renew and will rather go inactive, simply let us know by sending an email to membership@potomacwoodsswimclub.org.  We understand and look forward to welcoming you back in 2021.
  • Have Not Paid Anything.  Please either renew at the $550.00 prorated amount, or notify us that you have decided to go inactive and pay the $150.00 minimum dues payment for 2020.  If you do not renew by Monday, June 15th, you will automatically be put on inactive status for 2020 and the $150 minimum dues payment will be required to reactivate your membership for 2021.

For us to determine how best to make the pool available to our members, it is critical for us to know how many of our member families are returning for this season. As such, regardless of what you decide, please take one of the actions listed above no later than  Monday, June 15.  Lastly, we prefer a  check payment made out to PWSC and mailed to: PO Box 1251 Rockville MD 20849-1251 to avoid any additional processing fees.  If you’d prefer to pay by credit card, however, you can do so at this link.

Thank you again for your support, patience, and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours truly,
PWSC Board of Directors