Hello PW Swim Team Family. We hope this finds you healthy and well.

We wanted to inform you that after much research and careful consideration, the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) has decided to cancel the 2020 season. This means that if our pool opens this summer, we will not have a swim team like in years past. We are, however, brainstorming ideas with Coach Jonny to have some sort of swim team and/or lesson program.

You can view MCSL’s statement HERE.

For those of you that have registered and paid for the 2020 season, you will receive an email from Jenni Templeman shortly in regard to your full refund.

This news was truly heartbreaking to receive and deliver. We absolutely love and look forward to PW Swim Team every summer. This year was supposed to be Coach Jonny’s 20th season coaching The Demons. Nevertheless, we will prevail and promise to make 2021 the best season yet.

Keep crossing your fingers and holding our breath, hopefully we will see each other at the pool.

Please be sure to view this Coach Jonny video also!

One Team, One Family,

Mara Csokmay
Curtis Finnegan
Michael Bennett
Rachel Ossman
Jenni Templeman
Ellen Weiss
Rachel Ossman
and Coach Jonny Leong